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About this application

Author: Craig Heptinstall
Version: 1.0 Release

This free open application is easy to use.

This application represents my major project for university, exploring the possibility of allowing a user (primarily radio control, and real-life pilots of areobatic planes) to input a range of OLAN strings, and produce realistic flight simulations of areobatic sequences.

This application will combine with various planning and design documents whcih can be found here. Alongside this, the final report for this application will be made availible here in the coming months.

Work structure and methodologies

My plan for this project consists of the use of the the FDD methodolodgy. For this, I initially created a feature list, which can be found here.

Credit to these libraries and information sources(to be updated):

  • Three.js library [1]
  • JQuery library [2]
  • Google JS Coding standards [3]
  • Foundation CSS framework [4]
  • RequireJS library [5]
  • Stats.js library [6]


Getting started

A WebGL based OLAN flight path simulator.

Type into the bar at the top of the page to create a movement onto the canvas. As more are added, the movie reel at the bottom of the page should update showing each individual manoeuvre. Afterwoods, hit play to show the animation!
In addition, press the 'Options' button to open up a range of menus affecting animation speed, physics and aeroplane attributes.
Note: Manoeuvre input can also allow for parameters, for increasing loop sizes, entry length or exit length of certain moves. E.g. "(1,28) t" would represent a tooth, but the start location would be the current location plus the X and Y values in the parameters.
The comprehensive list of possible movements are as follows: